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ant-zen news january-march 2k17

grand mal x. darkness. cd. ant-zen act365
those who are familiar with michael idehall's 'solar symmetries' release on ant-zen might have noticed the great remix done by a lesser known project: grand mal x. starting in 2010 this act from solna / sweden soon was well-established in the underground cassette scene (f.e. on trepaneringsritualen’s beläten label) before releasing its first vinyl twelve inch on kess kill. with 'darkness', created after a long period of deeper research, grand mal x‘s first full length album sees the light of day, an album whose concept is based on the seemingly negative meaning of the term 'darkness' itself. death and life can not be separated - present in constant transformation, or as carl gustav jung wrote: 'one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.' drawing from a long and wide palette of influences ranging from dynamic meditation and painters like arnold böcklin to sonic artists like suicide, coil, rune lindblad, and even skogen, bathory and afrika bambaata, grand mal x is an act that refuses to be pigeon-holed soundwise. its music touches the crossroads of minimal electro-punk, dark synth pop and classic industrial. it‘s moody and gloomy, yet also spiritual and empowering. a sound that is at once danceable and disturbing, abstract and catchy, presenting a sonic film noir with an unusual amount of depth and maturity below the disarming and vicious surface. deep pulse drum machine patterns and cracking bass sequences build a solid foundation for carefully inserted electronic treatments and expressive vocals adding a sinister human element to the synthetic audio makeup. a positively dark, unmistakably swedish release with a deep flow, suitable for home and club environments, and to those who recognize darkness as the dark matter in the genetic code, the blanks, the irregularities ...
available: 13february2k18

brien hindman. cognitive buffer hypothesis. digital album. ant-zen dig045
cognitive buffer hypothesis' is the debut album of video artist and musician brien hindman. as a video artist he has made clips for artists such as asche / morgenstern, synapscape, monokrom and mandelbrot. in the field of music, he formed a number of projects, for example: colony collapse disorder with philipp münch, and also worked with the rorschach garden and displacer. influenced by coil and morgenstern brien was navigating the musical landscape while learning and exploring the creation process of sound, that each failure and each success was a learning opportunity. the title of the album, derived from the hypothesized mechanisms that have allowed for large brains to develop in organisms, describes that process. the intention for the release was to let it be the mirror of self, and in that, his love of nature and the natural sciences became a part of it. the six tracks on this album, completed by a philipp münch remix, present masterly constructed ambient soundscapes where organic and gentle sounds give way to partially rhythmic and harsh timbres. complex layers of modular synth textures invite the listener to a cinematic journey where mental balance, desperation and sadness coalesce to a sonic image as well as an honest manifestesion of an artist's mind.
available: 23january2k18

ant-zen. the keyant. keyring. ant-zen ikon60
solid ant-shaped keyring made out of 4mm stainless steel.
available: again !!!

new items in the ant-zen distribution

somatic responses. pattern finding. digital album. hymen. ¥853. available: 18january2k18
mnemonic. aversionen. cd. hymen. ¥854. available: 09february2k18
eff dst. out of body. cd. hymen. ¥856. available: 15february2k18
hypnoskull. live at maschinenfest 2016. tape. raubbau. raub-055. available: 08february2k18
phelios. live in russia. tape. raubbau. raub-057. available: 16february2k18
gatto nero. a_drum. cd. hands. hands-d251. available: now !!!
ontal. amass. cd. hands. hands-d252. available: now !!!
greyhound. ground. cd. hands. hands-d253. available: now !!!
mono no aware. oto. cd. hands. hands-d254. available: now !!!
noiseconcrete x 3chi5. transit of thought. cd. sssm. sssm-119. available: now !!!
yasuhito fujinami. lotus. cd. sssm. sssm-120. available: now !!!
cent ans de solitude & flint glass. sprengbagger 1010. cd. les nouvelles propagandes. np027. available: now !!!
ecstasphere. transgressions: documenting decay. cd. audiotrauma. trauma048. available: now !!!
cardinal noire. deluge. cd. audiotrauma. trauma049. available: 07february2k18
karsten pflum. love canticles. cd. touched music. tm37. available: 09february2k18
the devil & the universe. folk horror. cd. aufnahme + wiedergabe. a+w cd014. available: now !!!
the devil & the universe. folk horror. lp+cd. aufnahme + wiedergabe. a+w lp018. available: now !!!
rendered. holeinthehead. 12". aufnahme + wiedergabe. a+w XIX. available: now !!!
run_return. sum of an abstract. cd. n5md. md146. lower price !
damiak. micalavera. cd. n5md. md147. lower price !
plastik joy. 3:03. cd. n5md. md167. lower price !
aerosol. airborne. cd. n5md. md170. lower price !
proem. enough conflict. cd. n5md. md179. lower price !
dalot. loop over latitudes. cd. n5md. md180. lower price !
subtractivelad. kindred. cd. n5md. md185. lower price !
tobias lilja. delirium portraits. cd. n5md. md191. lower price !
eleventhfloorrecords. s/t. cd. n5md. md193. lower price !
crisopa. biodance. cd. n5md. md199. lower price !
bitcrush. collapse. cd. n5md. md202. lower price !
arovane. ve palor. cd. n5md. md216. lower price !
dalot. ancestors. cd. n5md. md217. lower price !
ghost bike. sun of the dead. cd. n5md. md218. lower price !
preghost. ghost story. cd. n5md. md220. lower price !
bavaria. we'll take a dive. cd. n5md. md222. lower price !
mark harris. the angry child. cd. n5md. md223. lower price !
elise mélinand. gray hoodie. cd. n5md. md225. lower price !
dryft. the blur vent. cd. n5md. md230. lower price !
asonat. connection. cd. n5md. md234. lower price !
crisopa. a lucid dream kit. cd. n5md. md236. lower price !
aerosol. leave. cd. n5md. md237. lower price !
vittoria fleet. greed lp. cd. n5md. md241. lower price !
mark harris. in the forests_the animals are moving. cd. n5md. md242. lower price !
near the parenthesis. helical. cd. n5md. md245. lower price !
dalot. mutogibito. cd. n5md. md246. lower price !
ruxpin. we become ravens. cd. n5md. md250. lower price !
melorman. out in a field. cd. sun sea sky. sss055. lower price !
northcape. glasshouse. cd-ep. sun sea sky. sss057. lower price !
stin scatzor. industranquilizer. cd. daft records. d1068cd. available: 17february2k18
rebekah. into the black. 12". sonic groove. sg1781. available: now !!!
the panacea. above the absolute. 12". sonic groove. sg1882. available: 09february2k18
blush response. infinite density. 2lp. sonic groove. sglp03. available: now !!!
catharsis. a purging of demons. 12". zhark recordings. zhark-029. available: 07february2k18
77tm. p.i.g.. 12". mecanica. mec010. lower price !
aga wilk. kosmos. 12". mecanica. mec011. lower price !
the rorschach garden. the rorschach dossier. cd. mecanica. mec015. lower price !
alles. union. 7". mecanica. mec016. lower price !
interactive. the techno wave. 12". mecanica. mec028. available: now !!!
dive. concrete jungle. 2lp. mecanica. mec029. available: now !!!
irklis. aus dem ruder. cd. sleepless records berlin. srb033. available: now !!!
stasis device. produce consume destroy. cd. raumklang music. raum-cd-33. available: now !!!
access to arasaka / dirk geiger / erode. reports from the abyss. cd. raumklang music. raum-cd-34. available: now !!!
[basementgrrr]. hurt. cd. raumklang music. raum-cd-35. available: now !!!
semiomime. close ones. cd. mindtrick records. mtr025. available: now !!!
stairway maze. hollow spaces. digital album. aliens production. apd016. available: 26october2k17
last dominion lost. snowdrops from a curate's garden. cd. the epicurean. cure.8 cd. available: now !!!
last dominion lost. abomination of desolation. cd. the epicurean. cure.15 cd. available: now !!!
last dominion lost. abomination of desolation. lp. the epicurean. cure.15 lp. available: now !!!
nikolas schreck. the futura model. 12". the epicurean. cure.16. available: now !!!
anemone tube. the three worlds - allegory of vanity. cd. the epicurean. cure.17. available: now !!!
anemone tube. the three worlds - forget heaven. cd. the epicurean. cure.18. available: now !!!
anemone tube. the three worlds - vanity of allegory. cd. the epicurean. cure.19. available: now !!!