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ant-zen news october 2k17

livingtotem. raw effort. cd. ant-zen act358
andrás gulyás aka livingtotem is both a major figure in hungary's industrial and dark ambient scene and known for his analogue project panoramic barrier, where livingtotem's sound is made in a digital form to accomplish an entirely different set of results. andrás' fascination for electronic music dates back to his childhood when he listened to jean-michel jarre and kraftwerk. influenced by classic ebm and industrial / tribal based artists like skinny puppy, the klinik, portion control, this morn' omina and ah cama-sotz he started livingtotem in 2006. it was and is the project's aim to open a worldwide audiences' eyes and ears to his very own innovative sonic treatments, all of which are clearly audible on his third full length album 'raw effort'. this release presents an energetic fusion of tribal, industrial and technoid sources, produced only with groove box, samplers and effects. a 'modern ritual dance music', created to affect the listeners' deepest consciousness with the help of energizing rhythm patterns to evoke cosmic forces. these patterns are the most important elements for building a livingtotem track before solid bass lines and hypnotic sequencer textures are added. although the cinematic tribal character is clearly audible, industrial music influences have been well-embedded to achieve a rough, hypnotic sense. 'raw effort' offers twelve truly fine examples of channeled brute force, perfected with the collaborative help of legendary hungarian composer lászló hortobágyi on the final track. a perfect overlap between machined preciseness and organic natural power. available: 24october2k17

distortion six. fierce. cd. ant-zen act362
distortion six is the fresh and vibrant project of nichlas schermann from oslo / norway who started experimenting with sounds and noises in 2000. it took years of experimentation and learning the deep details of his equipment until his first release saw the light of day. inspired by the origins of the power noise movement he honed his sonic skills to perfection creating his own legacy of rhythmic industrial archetypes with converter as a predominant influence. the album 'fierce' is the result of elevating vintage influences to a highly energetic contemporary level - a release which is certainly worth the attention of anyone addicted to the power noise genre. 'fierce' presents fifteen memorable examples of technoid, hypnotic force combined into one relentless head-nodding feast. granitic sounds in constant motion embedded in barbarous, crashing layers of dissonance focusing on constantly morphing polyrhythmic assaults of dark and intense aural dynamite. punching barrages of bone-cutting bass kicks and compressed percussion blasts underlay heavily distorted spits of noise and grinding, rusty soundscapes topped with virulent injections of processed vocal samples. beyond the sheer rhythmic power, dark atmospheres of fear and desolation are dispatched to release a nightmarish and surreal machined intensity. with 'fierce' distortion six presents an excellently produced mind-blowing incorporation of brutal complexity. a testament to past day power noise standards destined for a vile dancefloor. available: 18october2k17

hypnoskull. die4.generation. 2cd. ant-zen act364
patrick stevens' hypnoskull project celebrates a 25year birthday in 2017, after it saw the light in june 1992, resulting in first recordings in the summer of 1992. 'die4.generation' digs deep into one of the most remarkable periods of post-war europe and more particular germany. growing up between belgium and germany, patrick stevens tried to relive the images from his childhood - like in fassbinder's film 'die dritte generation', with a constant stream of the sound of television and radio in the background, this album is full of disturbing audiosnippets from late seventies and early eighties german news. 'terrorism', 'death', 'ideology', 'violence'. all these messages and images were the background of a so-called peaceful childhood in a period where the cold war conflict reached heights (and ends in the same time). 'die4.generation' is an album about ideology, and the point-of-no-return called violence. it tries to understand the concept of resistance, and in the same time vaguely search for new forms of resistance. it is not a political, but rather a philosophical attempt to grab the idea, actions and failures of entire generations and to underline the importance of living a life dedicated to the human individual capacity to 'think'. in times of extreme polarisation and propaganda, that is about the most powerful 'weapon' each of us has. on a musical level, 'die4.generation' builds further on the path of the 'immer wieder nein' album and on the earliest roots of the hypnoskull project where rhythms and techno were combined with noise and industrial music. besides the album itself, five re-interpretations of the title track made by elisabeth marta hilgenberg, new frames, 6siss, imminent and d. carbone complete this enthralling 'jubilee package' in a most forceful way. hypnoskull is amongst others one of those pioneers who were the first out there to experiment with 4/4 technoïd rhythms in combination with abrasive and anarchic electronic noise. 'die4.generation' returns to these roots, but in a contemporary way using all the available production and studio techniques of these days. in combination with the content, the questions it wants to raise, and the form, this album is also the first release to carry the ıʇuɐ/techno label - a label and platform started by hypnoskull which aims to indicate a subversive approach of techno in as well form and content. available: 20october2k17

hypnoskull. logo. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon161
black t-shirt w/ white logo frontprint. sizes: S, M, L, XL available: 20october2k17

siamgda. noise yoga. cd. ant-zen act368
rhythm in all its many variations is used by many artists to breed a state of trance and an out of body experience. for marc fischer a.k.a. siamgda it has always been an important musical element, applied with the purpose to both make you move, and to open your mind in an insistent, positive way. with the album 'noise yoga' he has opened a new chapter in this project's history, ridden by grooves of all kinds and turning from the familiar electronic / ethnic amalgamation towards minimalistic techno and classic ebm arrangements. you can easily draw a comparison while listening to the new 'yoga versions' of 'oppression' and 'son of god' and the original tracks released on previous siamgda albums. 'noise yoga' is a strong and varied mechanized display of force - an unstoppable juggernaut of hypnotic repetition and shuffling sensuousness. viscerally heavy and obsessively reran rhythmic vamps added with pumping bass hits, implanted melodic hooks and heavily distorted vocals are the ingredients for a dynamically compelling flow. a propulsive, dense combination of timeless sound components and contemporary recording techniques, made with the intention to make you move and think, and it does so. available: 31october2k17

ant-zen. ant.agonist. tote bag. ant-zen ikon158
white print on black cotton bag. design by liis roden & stefan alt available: 25october2k17

ant-zen. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon159
black t-shirt w/ glowing frontprint and grey backprint sizes: ladies M, men S, M, L, XL, XXL

lustmord. megatone. t-shirt. ant-zen ikon160
black t-shirt w/ frontprint in white and dark grey sizes: S, M, L, XL

new items in the ant-zen distribution

subskan. ambidextrous asylums. cd. hymen. ¥851. available: 17october2k17
displacer. the face you deserve. cd. hymen. ¥855. available: 23october2k17
michael idehall. machine spirit transmission. tape. raubbau. raub-053. available: 25october2k17
bad sector. live at maschinenfest 2015. tape. raubbau. raub-054. available: 20october2k17
sanctum. a moment out of ten years 2.0. digital album. raubbau. digitalraub-005. available: 13october2k17
v.a.. maschinenfest 2017. 2cd. pflichtkauf. pflicht75. available: 07november2k17
moan axis. transcendence. cd. audiotrauma. trauma047. available: 30october2k17
impulse controls. devour. 12“. instruments of discipline. iod008. available: now !!!
dune messiah. the iron oak. lp. instruments of discipline. iod018. available: now !!!
dasha rush. ain't no nor king. 12“. sonic groove. sg1780. available: 20october2k17
to destroy a city. go mirage. cd. n5md. md259. available: 25october2k17
blac kolor. violate ep - black vinyl. 12“. basic unit productions. bup037. available: now !!!
blac kolor. violate ep - clear vinyl. 12“. basic unit productions. bup037c. available: 25october2k17