l36. ta039

l36. cd

tympanik audio. ta039

after se’s critically-acclaimed debut album ‘epiphora‘, sebastian ehmke returns to tympanik audio with his latest collection titled ‘l36‘. melding post-rock and electronica styles with glitchy beats and infectious synthwork, ‘l36‘ makes a very notable step forward for se with undeniable maturity and grace. warm and inviting, each track lends an airy resolve flowing gracefully throughout with genuine emotion and purposeful tenacity. smooth, dreamy, and unforgettable. featuring a stunning remix by subheim. digipak packaging.


1 chrono
2 stadium
3 mimikry
4 lily
5 36 hertz
6 weit
7 beton
8 strom
9 dendrit
10 f-sand-036
11 mimikry (remixed by subheim)